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Shadisadat Ghaderi Defense


On the Matroid Intersection Conjecture

Abstract: In this dissertation, we investigate the Matroid Intersection Conjecture for pairs of matroids on the same ground set, proposed by Nash-Williams in 1990. Originally, the conjecture was stated for finitary matroids only,

Jaxon Lee Capstone


Analytic Approaches to Common Means and their Inequalities

Abstract: Means are measurements of centrality, commonly used in science, engineering, statistics, and mathematics. There is a plethora of means and they measure centrality differently as to obtain the most

NSO, June 2017


At New Student Orientation (NSO), we’ll help you prepare for your first semester. You’ll learn about campus, explore your academic program and work with an academic adviser to create your class schedule.


Hung Tran


Some selection problems in the theory of viscosity solutions

Abstract:   I will explain some interesting selection problems in nonlinear PDEs. The basic question is about how to select one good solution out of many reasonable ones. A question of this type led to the

David Offner


Polychromatic Colorings on Hypercubes, Complete Graphs, and Integers

Abstract:  Given a set S, and a set T of subsets of S, a coloring of the elements of S is called T -polychromatic if every set in T contains an element of every color. Let polyT (S) be the largest n

Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos


Developing valid and reliable measures to assess students' comprehension of the proofs that they read

Abstract:  In this talk I will focus on the assessment of undergraduate students' reading comprehension of mathematical proofs, discussing a research program aimed at


June 2017

Jun 21 2017 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm
Jaxon Lee Capstone
Jun 26 2017 -
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Shadisadat Ghaderi Defense